Benefits of Using BerandaToko

Tutorial On Joining As A BerandaToko Seller

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BerandaToko makes it easy for Sellers to manage incoming orders with one Seller-specific HomeToko Application. This application can help sellers to find out the details of incoming orders, so that every time there is an incoming order, the seller will get a notification regarding the order.
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How to Order

Tutorial to order on the BerandaToko

By shopping on the BerandaToko, MSMEs can make customers shop more because they can access WhatsApp without having to install a particular commerce application.
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Manage Your Own Business

An analysis dashboard for merchants who have joined BerandaToko, integrated to manage and maintain all your business processes to help you determine the next step for your business.

The Most Friendly Feature for MSMEs

Analytics Dashboard
An integrated analytics dashboard to manage and maintain all your business process from last week to help you decide your next move.
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Store Management
Configure how you want to present your store and target the most spesific market you want to serve.
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Order Management
UMKM can view the transaction.
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Product Management
Manage how you show your product on a microsite, from a categorization to a stock management. All in one dashboard.
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User Management
Manage users who can access the dashboard.
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Monitor detailed reports of transactions by selecting a specific period.
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Easier Shopping in One Platform


Customers will be served by bots.

Product Catalog
Product Catalog

Displays product categories, product menus, product prices and product availability.

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart

Accommodates all items that have been selected to be purchased.

Order Summary
Order Summary

Displays a summary of order details before making a payment.


Product payments using several payment channels.


Delivery of goods to customers using instant couriers (GoSend or Outlet Couriers).

Explore Exciting Opportunities as a HomeStore Affiliate!

Enjoy the perks as a BerandaToko Affiliate: commissions, flexible hours via WhatsApp Business, support from a professional team, access to premium products, collaborative community, rewards, and support for local SMEs. Join us now!
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Frequently Asked Question

BerandaToko is an integrated solution for those of you who want to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers via WhatsApp.

You can use greetings to start a conversation, such as “Hello, Hi, etc.”

No, you cannot change or add items after the transaction has been processed.

No, you cannot change the payment method once you have selected it.

You will receive an order confirmation after you have selected the items from WhatsApp.

From the selected items, you can select the (-) sign to reduce or delete the items in the cart.

If the order has not been paid within the specified time, the transaction will be automatically canceled by the system. Please reorder if you want to make a transaction again and make sure to make a payment before the deadline ends.

Be sure to check your Internet network if there is no response after pressing the Order button. If your Internet connection is unstable, turn off and turn on airplane mode or switch networks if using WiFi. Please try ordering again after your connection has stabilized.

Please select the store in the outlet list to see the closest store to your location. If you do not find the store in question, then your distance is out of the store’s range.

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